Hey guys, so I started this blog over four years ago and it was a true labor of love. I loved having an outlet to share my opinions, views and thoughts. I loved that I also got to work with so many different brands and shared so much content. Then early last year because I missed my renewal deadline GoDaddy basically high jacked all of my content and they wanted me to pay a lot of money to get it back. I felt that it was a true injustice because I just couldn’t afford to pay that much at the time.

So I basically let them keep all my content and started from scratch. Some of my posts I was able to recover from my emails and I reposted them. But so many were lost. Lost were all my baby recommendations – which was in all honest why I started this blog. At first I started this blog because I had had my son and it was like starting all over again as a new parent. I was already a mom of two but the age gap between my three children was pretty big.

Anyway I’m getting of course here. The point is that what GoDaddy did was really awful and it made my blogging go to a real stand still. When I look at my blog now, it’s a shell of what it once was. And that makes me a little sad. I’m slowly trying to rebuild it and going back to sharing real was l content about my experiences with products etc.

Of course my experiences have changed from being the mom of a new born to now being the mom of a six year old boy and two young women. I’ll keep sharing and I’ll just hope that my content gets out there and people will read it.

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