FLO PMS Vitamins…do they really work?

Hi all! I recently saw an ad pop up on my Facebook page about FLO vitamins. I was curious so I read the comments. I’ve found that people on FB ads can be ruthless and will give you the truth about a product. I read the comments and people really seem to like these. So I got sucked in and decided to give these a try mainly because they claim to help alleviate cramps, bloating and mood swings.

First let me talk about the price. I found these a bit pricey. At $29.99 a bottle for a one month supply, and the price decreases slightly when you either buy a two month supply as a one time purchase or you subscribe for monthly shipments. The subscription price is $24.99.

PMS help in a bottle!!

Even with the cost being on the pricey side I still took the plunge and bought these. I started to take these about 10 days before my period. To be honest I didn’t expect them to work. I did experience less cramps and bloating. I don’t know if my mood was improved. I think I was almost hoping they won’t work, because if they did I knew I would be buying these again. The company does recommend that you at least use these for two cycles to see results but I saw results with my first bottle. I just want to comment on the taste. They a very sweet! I chew these quickly and don’t let the gummy linger in my mouth so it does not stick to my teeth. I wish they had a pill or tablet option. But at least they do not taste unpleasant!

Lastly I want to mention ingredients. The company claims to use all natural ingredients that have been known to traditionally help with PMS- Chaste Berry (supposedly alleviates acne- not in my case), Dong Quai (for cramps and bloating), Vitamin B6 (for mood swings) and Lemon Balm (for cramping). Before taking these I do suggest that you research these ingredients especially if you are taking prescribed medication or have an underlying health condition (always to talk to your health care provider before taking supplements).

“Give these a try! They might work for you!”

In summary these have worked to far for me. If you can live with the price I recommend you give them a try! I’ll update my post if anything changes with my experience. Thanks for reading!!!

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