Hey all! Hope everyone is having an awesome day. My book ‘I’ll Steal Your Heart’ is on Amazon! Check it out! And order your copy! I’m sure you will love this story!

She didn’t expect him to just walk right into her life, but that’s exactly what he did. His charm and charisma stole her heart from the start, but would secrets keep there love from happening?

Izobelle – A new neighbor just moved in. I’ve lived here my entire life, the one time I left was to go to college but now I’m back. Seeing the same people day in and day out. I couldn’t have been more excited when I saw him at the cattle market. The new neighbor was gorgeous. Little did I know he would break my heart. After I cried out every ounce of my heartbreak, I moved to town and out of my father’s ranch. I learned how to be happy alone, well not quite alone… I held a secret. I just hope trusting him again won’t be one of the biggest mistakes I make.

Mark- This is not where I would have pictured myself living. I had a good life at my parent’s ranch but I needed change. Truth be told I was excited at the prospect of starting over in a new town, at the ranch I had inherited from my uncle. I didn’t move to a new town to find love or the one, I was trying to pick up the pieces and fill the void left by loss. She stole my heart the minute I saw her standing amongst the chaos of the market. That’s when she began to break little pieces of the wall I built inside of me. I tried to protect her from everyone including myself but now the fear of losing her forever is tearing me apart. Will I be able to steal her heart as she did mine?

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