Hey awesome readers! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!! In this post I share with you my review of Fragrant Jewels Bath Bomb.

I have been seeing an ad for this company on Facebook for a while.  They are always advertising some interesting deals.  The deal I got was buy one item (product) and get an additional free ring.  I ordered the ‘Tranquility’ Lavender Bath Bomb for $14.95.   Ordering seemed simple but when it was time to order my free ring – the site did not give me the option of choosing my ring size (which I was a bit annoyed at).  Shipping was 5-7 business days.

Guys I was very pleased with the bath bomb and the ring that I received inside of the bath bomb. Check out my video!

The bath bomb itself has wonderful lavender fragrance. My entire bathroom filled with lavender. Once I got into the tub my skin felt very soft and my bath was very relaxing!

My ring was very pretty. I honestly did not expect it to be so nice.

This is the free ring I received. My daughter is wearing the ring 🙂

You can see that both rings look very nice. So far neither ring has turned color (aka turned a fingers green!).

My final thoughts- this would make a great gift.  Even though I was very happy with the actual ring that did fit, I would not buy these often as I don’t use many rings other than my wedding rings.  But I do believe that anyone that receives this as a gift would be very happy. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Thanks for reading! Have you bought from Fragrant Jewels? If so what did you get? If not would you consider getting these? Drop me a line I love reading your comments!!

XOXO~ Dalba

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