Hey happy readers! As you know I’ve been putting together my holiday shopping list. Many of the items that I’ll be gifting this holiday season are also items that I happen to use and can recommend from first hand experience. So if you have coffee lovers on your list this Christmas than I have a few items that I am sure will be a hit!

Let’s start with a great coffee maker! All coffee aficionados need a fantastic coffee maker! My husband recently got me a Keurig K-Mini Single Serve coffee maker for our anniversary. I love love love this coffee maker, and I’ll tell you why. We had a older Keurig model, it was a really a good machine, the downside was that it took so much counter space and don’t get me started on the water tank. Because I also use a kettle to heat water for coffee the water in the coffee maker’s tank would sit for days and I would always have to empty it and rinse it in order to refill. Then there was the filter for the water tank that you had to constantly change. With this slick new single serve coffee maker I can just fill it with one cup at a time, save counter space and don’t have to clean a water tank any more.

Next lets talk about tools and accessories for you coffee making! What coffee lover does not like a good latte? I personally love my electric milk Frother. I’ve been using this nifty gadget to up my coffee game! Check out my insta account to see it in action. You can pick one up at Zulay Kitchen and use code OJOSAMBAR10 to get 10% off !

I also recommend gifting reusable K Cups! For those more environmentally conscious a reusable k-cup might be the perfect coffee lovers accessory!

Remember you can find all these recommendations and more in My Store Front! This post may include affiliate links.

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