Happy New Year!!!!

The first post of the new year I’ll be sharing my most recent find! Evening Primrose Oil!! I’ve been using Evening Primrose softgel capsules for about three months and the benefits are AMAZING!

The benefits of this oils are numerous and I’m sorry I only found out about them a few months ago. If I had know before I would have definitely started to use evening primrose oil.

So let’s discuss the amazing benefits (the below is not intended as medical advice please always seek the opinion of medical professionals or your doctor):

1. Supports healthy nourished skin- can help clear up acne, may help ease eczema, helps with overall skin health (elasticity, moisture, and firmness)

2. Promotes Cardiovascular health, helps reduce cholesterol *if taking for heart health use under a doctor’s supervision

3. And supports all over all women’s health- this may include reducing high blood pressure

4. May help reduce PMS systems, minimize breast pain (I can attest to this!) and may reduce hot flashes

Ok so I’ve talked about the benefits, but to be fair I feel the need to say that there are some side effects and possible risks: EPO can cause mild upset stomach, stomach pain, headache, soft stools staring off with a low dose may prevent some of the side effects. If on blood thinners EPO may increase bleeding. If on medication to lower blood pressure consult with your doctor before taking, this may cause your pressure to down even lower than normal. Lastly if you are pregnant always speak to your doctor before taking this or any other supplement.

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