Hey all! It’s been a while since a new post. I’ve been working on so many projects that my time has seriously been limited! But I haven’t forgot about this – my first blog! From time to time I still share on here cool stuff I stumble upon. Like the Chia Seed Chocolate Pudding recipe I just made.

I’m always looking for healthy yummy snacks and when I also ready the chia seeds are good for weight loss it was a no brainer! I was going to try my hand at chia seed pudding.

Here’s the awesome recipe

Guys this was AMAZING!!! This will be one recipe that I’ll be adding to my menus. It kept me fuller than if I had just grabbed a regular pudding cup and it was way more nutritious. Chia seeds are a great source of fiber and they are considered a super food!

The texture does getting some use to. But if you can get past the texture then you’ll love it too!

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