Having trouble finding that perfect gift for your friends? I’ve added these hot items below to my gift list for my girlfriends. Items ranging from aromatic shower steamer disks to the absolute cutest fashion blue light blocking glasses (the glasses by the way can be purchased to be fashion glasses or reading glasses!). Check out … Continue Reading

Hey happy readers! As you know I’ve been putting together my holiday shopping list. Many of the items that I’ll be gifting this holiday season are also items that I happen to use and can recommend from first hand experience. So if you have coffee lovers on your list this Christmas than I have a … Continue Reading

Hey all! Dalba here! Continuing with my holiday shopping. I’ve found so many great offers that you will likely not find anywhere else so I want to share with you my Amazon finds and promo codes! The offers below are for a limited time so be sure to snag some of these items for any … Continue Reading

As we wrap up with Halloween, I have started to think of gift ideas for my friends and family! These are some of the items that have caught my eye so far and I hope these ideas will give you a few ideas of your own! Scented Candles – this is an all time classic, … Continue Reading

Hi all! I’ve started my reading challenge! I know it’s a bit late, but better late than never! Have any of you started a reading challenge for 2021? If you are on Goodreads check out my bookshelf and share what you are reading! “Can’t wait to get reading!!!”

Hey all! Hope everyone is having an awesome day. My book ‘I’ll Steal Your Heart’ is on Amazon! Check it out! And order your copy! I’m sure you will love this story! She didn’t expect him to just walk right into her life, but that’s exactly what he did. His charm and charisma stole her … Continue Reading

FLO PMS Vitamins…do they really work? Hi all! I recently saw an ad pop up on my Facebook page about FLO vitamins. I was curious so I read the comments. I’ve found that people on FB ads can be ruthless and will give you the truth about a product. I read the comments and people … Continue Reading

Evening Primrose Oil the miracle oil you need to be using!

The truth about my blog is that it got highjacked…

Hey all! It’s been a while since a new post. I’ve been working on so many projects that my time has seriously been limited! But I haven’t forgot about this – my first blog! From time to time I still share on here cool stuff I stumble upon. Like the Chia Seed Chocolate Pudding recipe … Continue Reading